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The Story Behind The Writer

   Jessica Lynne Gardner is a horror writer whose work has appeared in over a dozen publications. She has been named one of today's most cutting-edged authors by Dread Central.   Her work has appeared in Shroud Magazine, Darkened Horizons, Twisted Tongue, and Raw: Brutality as an Art Form by Snuff Books. Her latest novella, "Unholy Repression," was released in July 2011 by Black Bed Sheet Books 

Born in May of '85 in the bustling suburbs of Baltimore, Jessica grew up in a magical house with her menagerie of pets and two caring grandparents. Her vivid imagination has landed her into trouble more than once and her fear of the dark, as well as her grandfather's creativity, encouraged the fantastical, weird, and frightening stories which she would later pen.

 She was in the public relations and free-lance journalist field for many years, employed by Advance Realty, MaryElise.com, and MarriedInMaryland.com for her writing services. She has also been a part of numerous biographies, press releases, and other business writing projects. 

 Her poetry has been published by the International Library of Poetry, on Poetry.com and in Reverence of Rune

 Walking through old forest trails and cemeteries, making art, adventuring, dancing, and spending time with family, friends, and pets brings her much happiness when she finds the time. 




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