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                                                                                                                                               Sugar Skull, Pixie Dust Press (2009)

Unholy Repression, Black Bed Sheet Books (2011)

Short Stories

"Not A Chance," Darkened Horizons Issue 3 (2007)
"A Real Woman," Darkened Horizons: Til Death Do Us Part (2011)

"Amnesia Hospital," Requiem for the Damned 

"The Second Genesis," Tome of Distant Realms

"The Widow’s Curse," Sinister Landscapes (2008)

"Seeing Double," Twisted Dreams Magazine 
"Knock On Wood," Trei Literary Magazine
"The Most Wonderfully Selfish Time of Year," Twisted Tongue Magazine issue 12
"Golden Lotuses," The Macabre Cadaver
"Black Dots," Ladies of Horror 2008 
"Demon Dice," Ladies of Horror 2008
The Mosquito Woman, Phobia Magazine issue 1
"Wishbone," Phobia Magazine issue 1
"Home Warming," Gravestones By Moonlight, A Southern Horror Publication
"Onyx Noir," Raw: Brutality as Art, Snuff Books (2009)
"Phantom Pains," New Voices In Horror II
"Denizen of the Soil," Atrum Tempestrats, Black Hound Publishing (2009)
"Natalie's Garden," Twisted Fairy Tales, Unexpected Spark
"Death Juice," Paranormal Horror-An Anthology (Edited by Elle Pryor) (2012)
"Code Red" and "Truth" (Details to follow) (2013)
"The In-between Places" (Details to follow) (2013)
Collaborative Projects
The Edward Ballister Project
Flash Fiction
"Inextinguishable," Shroud Magazine issue 4 (1st place in the Myspace Flash Fiction contest) (2008)
2 Poems, Reverence of Rune 



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